Financial Services

Webalo User First TM in Financial Services

User First in Financial Services

Financial Services companies face many challenges keeping up with industry progress and handling competitive pressures. User demands for information and data to help them get their work done and be more productive often lead to long IT backlogs and tactical, rather strategic, responses.

Webalo solves these challenges by providing simple, low-cost ways to improve productivity and effectiveness in areas such as branch operations, workflows & business processes, customer relationship management, business intelligence and reporting and many other areas of Financial Services business operations.

Webalo’s platform enables Financial Services companies to rapidly transform existing enterprise data & application investments into User First, personal systems, where each and every employee has the information they need, when and wherever they need it, to help them get their job done.

Webalo Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Ready

Deploying new technologies in Financial Services companies is challenging. Legacy data, regulatory controls, multi-channel device requirements, availability & scalability demands and, of course, user and data security, all combine to limit the rapid deployment needs required to meet today’s user demands.

Webalo is architected for this environment, designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of users working in high security, legacy data, multi-channel environments. Webalo is enterprise-ready, built to operate in the face of massive amounts of real-time, transactional usage by thousands of users, helping them to make better, more informed, decisions and to make their businesses more productive.

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