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Webalo Launches Webalo Live!, Providing Mobile App Enablement Services for Customers Utilizing its High-Productivity Mobile App Development Platform

New Service Speeds Enterprise Deployment of Mobile Apps for Apple, Android, BlackBerry and
Windows Smartphones and Tablets


Los Angeles, CA - Webalo, the high-productivity mobile app development platform, announced today the launch of Webalo Live!, a new service providing its customers` with hands-on support in deploying their enterprise mobile applications. Webalo Live!, enables enterprise mobile apps to be designed, built and deployed quickly and effectively, and at a dramatically lower cost than traditional mobile application development approaches.

Offering a comprehensive, multi-stage approach, Webalo Live! allows organizations to implement mobile apps with a minimum of time and effort.  Webalo handles each step of the process, from assessment, to planning, to implementation, working closely with customers to expertly match app capabilities with an organization’s business needs.  This five step process incorporates:

  • Business intelligence – Webalo works with managers to understand their business challenges, identify their mobile business requirements and suggest mobile strategies that can be put to work immediately to mobilize the enterprise applications and data that their mobile users need.
  • User intelligence – Webalo works with mobile users to define the list of tasks they need to perform on their mobile devices, ensuring the business benefit and value will be gained from the Webalo app.
  • IT engagement – Webalo coordinates with IT departments to identify the backend applications and content that the mobile users need to access on their mobile devices to perform the desired business tasks in their mobile app.
  • Implementation plan – Webalo will develop a plan for creating and implementing the app.
  • App creation and delivery – Webalo will create, test and deliver the app.  Webalo will also educate customer teams on administering and maintain the app going forward. 

"Webalo Live! provides an extra level of service for our customers looking to implement enterprise mobile apps," said Lew Roth VP Business Development of Webalo, "These customers can now  leverage our team’s many years of expertise in delivering enterprise grade mobile apps. With mobile now the primary platform for getting work done, Webalo apps empower workers to be as productive as possible through real-time access to enterprise applications and data.

About Webalo

Webalo is a high-productivity mobile app development platform that combines rapid access to back-end systems with the automatic generation of mobile applications for corporations to deliver more apps, more quickly, at a dramatically lower cost, while ensuring the highest degrees of enterprise security and governance. Webalo runs on all major platforms, including Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. For more information, visit the company's website at www.webalo.com

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