One Platform to unite people, processes, and systems in real-time.

The Webalo Platform is now AI Enabled - revolutionizing the adoption, deployment, and operation of connected worker applications.

We know navigating the diverse needs of industrial operations is inherently complex. Our goal is to simplify the deployment of powerful applications designed to solve unique challenges for each operation, in record-breaking time.

Webalo's AI-enabled Platform automatically generates custom connected worker apps with existing business processes, significantly reducing cost and accelerating app deployment by 100x - setting your operation on a fast track to maximizing productivity and efficiency!

Transforming the generation of connected worker applications
Navigating the diverse needs of industrial operations is inherently complex. Webalo's AI-enabled Platform automatically generates custom connected worker apps with existing business processes, significantly reducing costs and accelerating app deployment by 100x.
Transforming the Frontline Workforce Experience
Accessing and utilizing data effectively can be challenging and time-consuming for the frontline workforce. Webalo’s AI capabilities empower the workforce to instantly access real-time operational data by simply asking questions and receiving immediate responses. This empowers teams to enhance decision-making with immediate insights, improving efficiency and productivity across the organization.
Transforming the Leadership Experience
A significant challenge industrial operations leaders face is gaining timely access to accurate and comprehensive information necessary for effective decision-making. Webalo facilitates real-time monitoring of operational activity, identifies patterns and trends, and highlights inefficiencies and bottlenecks to offer guided insights for optimizing processes, fostering continuous improvement, and promoting standardization across the enterprise.
Bridging The Gap - Connecting Every Level of Your Workforce
Experience the value of a workforce connected from the frontlines to the executive suite. With Webalo, power and simplicity converge to transform how your entire organization solves operational challenges.
Webalo unlocks hidden capacity and drives productivity and growth for industrial companies by digitally empowering their workforce.

— 451 Research | S&P Global Market Intelligence

Optimized operations empower teams for ever-evolving challenges.

Enable Operational Excellence with the Webalo Workforce Intelligence Center
Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with Webalo's Workforce Intelligence Center to empower your organization with comprehensive insights and actionable intelligence to drive operational excellence and efficiency across your workforce.
Bring content and data together
in one central hub.
By consolidating access to enterprise systems and data in one location, work becomes simpler, safer, and more productive.
Generate actionable insights
with real-time visibility.
Get answers to critical and complex questions in no time, anytime.
Enable continuous improvement
and process optimization.
Adapt to changing demands and take the guesswork out of identifying patterns and inefficiencies within your operation.
Support And Connect
Workers Across Operations
Daily Work
  • Planned work
  • Inspections
  • Checklists
  • Routines
  • SOP’s
Training and Assistance
  • On-the-job training
  • Embedded instructions
  • AI-enabled assistance
  • Skills management
  • Training automation
Task Optimization
  • Real-time awareness of events
  • Problem detection
  • Problem resolution
  • Pattern discovery
  • Actionable notifications

Unlock your hidden capacity with Webalo

Connected Worker
App Deployment
Increased Units

Empower an agile workforce that can respond and react to events in real-time.

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