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Actionable Visualization to Drive Workforce Productivity

Webalo is increasing workforce productivity across industry, by providing the app generation infrastructure for companies to transform into User First™ organizations, where each user has just the information they need, on their device, to help them get their job done. Webalo’s no-code, enterprise grade platform enables industrial companies to easily generate custom apps, with personalized end-user experiences, directly from their production, efficiency, quality and business data sources and rapidly deploy them to users’ desktops, tablets and smartphones.


Webalo enables Power & Utility, Oil & Gas and Renewable energy companies to easily monitor and visualize their operations in real-time, helping them make better more informed business decisions that improve their productivity, plant safety and equipment reliability, and drive operational excellence.

Real-time Energy Market Pricing

Real-time energy market pricing that allows for the rapid generation of executive level dashboards to monitor and take action on energy prices. Connects to live energy market data and visualizes current and spot market pricing combined with production data.

Fleet Energy Production

Production operations dashboard monitoring, providing users with power generation capacity vs. current generation at the fleet, category and plant levels, combined with review and control of hourly dispatch levels.

Asset Monitoring and Maintenance

Asset performance optimization, with real-time, actionable views of assets on any device. Users smartphones and tablets monitor machine health and availability, providing contextual views for actionable maintenance scheduling and parts ordering.


Real-time interaction with core hospital systems is a critical requirement for improving patient care and ensuring the productive operation of the hospital environment. Webalo is providing simple, low-cost ways to improve hospital productivity and effectiveness in areas such as facilities management, resource scheduling, healthcare worker operations, and business reporting.

Facilities Management

Hospital theatre and bed scheduling applications monitor changes in availability and resourcing.

Pharmacy supply chain management

Order processing and distribution management of drug inventory system.

Hospital Staff Scheduling

Geo location management and scheduling of hospital operations staff. Shows assignment, availabilities, timeslots based on patient readiness and location of staff members. Actionable alerts to see assignments, take assignments, clock in and out and manage work orders.


Webalo helps manufacturing companies to easily visualize data from disparate sources, and provides actionable insights that ensure companies meet production targets, control costs and reduce risk.

Production line management

Provides access to all plant metrics like OEE, availability, quality, downtime, events and other core manufacturing metrics combined with real-time monitoring and operation of manufacturing production lines through built-in connectors to on-premise MES systems and other enterprise applications with real-time dashboards automatically delivered to large screen displays, desktops and mobile devices to ensure that managers are informed and equipped for real-time decision making that drives increased productivity.

Real-time inventory management

Real-time views of inventory, at all points in the supply chain, to increase sales, reduce wastage and maximize income. Automates connections to existing industrial systems and to enterprise systems such as those from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP to collect, organize and use real-time inventory data at a fraction of the usual time and cost, enabling manufacturers to track inventory and ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time.

Computerized Maintenance Management System

Live access to CMMS data for predictive maintenance, job assignments, field service assignments, field data gathering, access to parts inventory and logistics helping to reduce costs and increase asset availability to achieve operational efficiency goals.


Increased efficiency and reduced production costs are critical requirements for minerals and mining businesses today. Webalo makes it easy to monitor and visualize mining operations in real-time to generate actionable processes that reduce unplanned downtime and optimize business operations.

Operational Dashboards

Operations data monitored to keep track of equipment availability and efficiencies, total runtime, downtime and mean times between failure and presented through dashboards to help minimize power consumption, reduce hazards, alert to potential failure scenarios.

Mining facility management

Real-time visibility into production process from multiple data sources including industrial data collectors, asset databases and inputs from operators to present a coherent operational model across sites and equipment and providing real-time visibility into processes and production output.

Operator equipment allocation

Manage cross-site equipment availability, operations status, staff assignments and locations to optimize facility resources based on skills and availability.

Supply Chain Management

A better way to manage complex supply chains of perishables.
Use Webalo to cut waste, improve inventory management, mobilize workers.

Mobilize your workforce

Gain real-time views into inventory, product movement, status along with data collection at the source utilizing mobile devices.

Webalo mobilized Bell Nursery's workers for more effective inventory management.

Manufacture-Distribution-Warehouse-Store Visibility

Real-time supply chain management via mobile devices with enterprise scalability.

Include your customers and suppliers in user-driven dashboards to gain insight into production, waste, sales, returns.

Develop delivery and inventory models to better predict revenue performance based on real-time metrics.

Build real-time dashboards to optimize supply chain operations

Operational dashboards can be generated from multiple data sources allowing for optimization of manufacturing & supply chain operations.

Establish production line, plant and multi-plant aggregated views for actionable insight into your production and supply chain.

Modernize and extend your digital infrastructure by adding mobility and cloud-based services.

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