The UX Platform for the Frontline Workforce

Webalo for the Frontline Workforce

Webalo provides the app generation infrastructure for companies to transform into User First™ organizations, where each user has just the information they need, on their device, to help them get their job done.

Webalo’s platform is easily used by business operations teams to generate personalized, actionable apps that make the frontline workforce more productive by simplifying their daily tasks and workflows.

Webalo Product Brief

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Webalo helps the frontline workforce make better and more informed decisions by rapidly democratizing data for useful consumption, enabling more effective digital transformation initiatives that will increase business productivity and drive bottom-line growth.

Just connect, configure and deploy!

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Webalo is a no-code app generation platform. Webalo’s patented technology generates apps automatically through a simple, no-code, step-by-step configuration process

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Webalo apps are integrated, bi-directionally, out-of-the-box with a broad range of enterprise applications such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP &, and with industrial applications such as those from AVEVA, GE, Rockwell & Siemens

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Webalo generated apps support data entry & data capture so they can be bi-directional with the data flow (read/write)

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Webalo manages online and offline tasks and workflows, across multiple data sources, to support the management, operation and closure of the workforce’s daily tasks and routines. Engage and enable your workforce with closed-loop task management

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Webalo generated apps are persona-based, automatically meeting the unique needs of individual users, who only see what they need to see to help them get their jobs done

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Webalo apps support real-time interactions with plant and enterprise data sources and can be set up with alerts and messaging to provide immediate user notification and response

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Webalo offers a broad choice of visualization options, automatically generating KPIs, dashboards & charts, dynamically, directly from the data sources

Webalo VS BI & Analytics Platform
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Out-of-the-box, Webalo is set up for multi-channel deployment. Webalo can be configured from any browser including Chrome, Edge, Firefox & Safari. End users can access Webalo generated apps from a browser or on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Webalo automatically generates native mobile apps for Android & iOS smartphones and tablets. These apps provide offline functionality for applications where network connections are not always available and full support for on-device functionality, such as email, GPS, camera and scanners

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Multi-channel deployment dashboard on desktop device
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Webalo is available, scalable and secure, with cloud and behind the firewall deployment options

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Webalo provides a user-focused data mashup capability, enabling users to more easily visualize data from multiple data sources. Webalo is focused on the Industrial Market, which means Webalo screens, language, and complete user experience all reflect the needs of the industrial frontline worker

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Webalo’s industrial Asset Model Viewer provides tight integration with common industrial databases, such as a Historian and Microsoft SQL Server, auto-generating hierarchical views, visualizing their object trees and relationships and enabling users to browse and find objects of interest and automatically visualize the available list of services for each selected object

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Webalo's Ad Hoc Trending tool is designed to consume and visualize the time series data available within a data Historian. Making sense out of this data can help you reduce operational cost and risk and put process improvement actions into place to improve your bottom line. Webalo provides this intuitive and easy to use visualization tool that works as a pure web browser application

Webalo Client

Webalo Client is both mobile and desktop enabled, and is a role-based way of visualizing and interacting with Webalo Platform-generated apps.

Display forms, KPIs, Charts and Dashboards within an interactive, simple to use format.

Webalo Client is available for iOS and Android platforms, downloadable on the Apple App store and Google Play.

Mobile forms-based apps allow data entry, barcode scanning, offline capture & analysis.

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Webalo client architecture diagram

Webalo Client Architecture

  • Client infrastructure is shared on all platforms (mobile, desktop) providing a consistent user experience.
  • Client adapts its UI and navigation mode to fit available space & resolutions.
  • Automatically-generated UI includes widgets, tables, charts, dashboards, interactive maps, menus, navigation, event handling & alerting.
  • Power Users can customize the Client UI, composing their own dashboards; creating & configuring custom charts on the fly; dynamically ‘mashing up’ data from multiple sources, customizing the layout of the home screen, and much more.
  • Client can function offline (without network connectivity) to accommodate spotty connections on the shop floor. It switches to a ‘store and forward’ mode to later relay to the server when connectivity resumes.

No-code app generation


Connect Webalo to your enterprise and industrial data sources through a broad range of included connectors.


Configure and automatically generate your applications through a simple, no-code, step-by-step configuration process, using Webalo’s Administrative Website. Access the Webalo Platform through a cloud service or installed behind your firewall, as a virtual appliance.


Deploy your automatically generated apps to Android & Apple smartphones and tablets as well as to Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari browsers on desktops and large screen displays.


Enterprise-grade: Webalo-generated apps are available, scalable and secure with cloud and behind-the-firewall deployment options for both desktop and mobile. Webalo security features include mobile authentication, encryption & transport; automatic failover (cloud-based), auto backup and logging.