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Improve performance
Increase efficiency
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Empower your workforce
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The Platform For The Frontline Workforce
The Webalo Platform consists of six core modules, centered around the Webalo Workforce Intelligence Center. Our Platform includes groundbreaking product features designed to engage, support, motivate, train, and retain the industrial frontline workforce. Webalo enables companies to improve quality and ensure safety, reduce downtime and delays, optimize frontline processes and increase productivity and efficiency.

The Webalo
Workforce Intelligence Center

Capture data in Webalo's Workforce Intelligence Center to enable a unique, transformational big data asset.

Generate new data about your operational processes and workforce activities.

To enable the Webalo Workforce Intelligence Center, the Webalo platform provides a range of modules designed to easily generate connected worker apps.

Watch An Intro To The Workforce Intelligence Center

The Webalo
Workforce Intelligence Center

Capture data with Webalo’s Workforce Intelligence Center to enable a unique, transformational big data asset.

Generate new data about your operational processes and workforce activities through leveraging Webalo’s Platform modules:

Watch An Intro To The Workforce Intelligence Center
Digitize worker tasks and activities
The Forms module makes digitizing forms and eliminating paper simple, which helps make Connected Workers more productive and efficient.

With Forms, you can easily digitize existing checklists, forms, and standard operating procedures and enhance them with additional features like barcode scanning on mobile devices, digitized checkboxes for daily checklist reports, and date and time stamps. You can also add drop-down lists for rapid item selection. Forms data can be captured for later process analysis for further optimization initiatives.
Integrate with your enterprise & industrial applications
Enterprise connectivity is the key to removing data silos in industrial companies. Webalo provides a broad set of connectors to enterprise applications, like those from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce.com, and industrial applications, like those from OSIsoft, Rockwell, Siemens, and AVEVA.

Webalo’s modern architecture is compatible with cloud, mobile, and virtualization platforms. Connected external data can be linked to Webalo-generated workflows, forms, visualizations, and notifications, bringing context and meaning to collected data and activities.
Enable real-time notifications for immediate response and action
The Notifications module allows users to monitor business-critical alerts and KPIs via push notifications and email.

Connected Worker Notifications use plant and enterprise data sources to send out alerts and messaging in real time. Audio and visual feedback allows for immediate user notifications and responses.

Webalo users receive notifications about business events and job updates. They can respond to both routine and critical events and take action in real time.
Generate workflows across your organization
The Workflows module allows you to digitize, standardize, and automate daily processes. You can use it to integrate and manage complex work processes like changeovers, inspections, inventory tracking, maintenance work orders, and shift changes.

Workflows can be linked to various systems, data, and forms. Each workflow step can launch different forms, checklists, or reports, and update different systems. They can be started manually or by external notifications, and workers are notified of upcoming tasks.

Each different step can be assigned to an individual user or a group. All users can claim and start their tasks at runtime.
Create a real-time window into your workforce operations
Webalo’s Visualization module allows you to see real-time workforce activity and general performance data from machines, other equipment, and assets in the plant, warehouse, or broader supply chain.

Status and performance information is available immediately, so supervisors and management can optimize operations in real time.

Visualization options allow you to view charts and tables simultaneously in adjacent panels, render color-coded heat maps of table data, see multiple chart views of the same data set to run queries, build dynamic, color-coded KPI indicators with drag and drop capability onto dashboards, craft real-time KPI alerts, and notifications as well as combine KPIs and performance charts for real-time status monitoring.
Leverage the power of process analysis and optimization
Harness the data collected during workflow execution and use it to monitor and analyze your team’s work patterns.

Create continuous improvement by accessing reports, sharing process intelligence, analyzing workflows and bottlenecks, and examining selected areas in your business processes.

The Optimization module continuously monitors aggregate data generated during workflow execution. Data can be examined and analyzed to uncover nuances between teams, workers, departments, and plants. Plant managers can measure performance and identify areas for improvement based on set points or other KPIs, and share the findings with all team members in real time.
An engaged, connected, and highly skilled frontline workforce is the best asset to improving productivity.

— Gartner

Built To Last

Webalo is enterprise grade, available, scalable, and secure—built to operate in the face of massive amounts of real-time transactional usage by thousands of workers, helping them to make better, more informed decisions, and to make their businesses more productive.


All Webalo generated apps automatically run natively on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.


Security is at the core of every component of the Webalo Platform. Webalo is architected to include the necessary security controls that mitigate risk and maintain the highest level of security and availability.


Webalo supports various enterprise deployment needs through the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Implement quickly with Webalo Cloud

Modern, cloud-based platform hosted by Webalo makes adoption easy and cost effective.

Empower the Workforce with Apps

Engage, connect, and motivate your frontline workforce by quickly building fit-for-purpose applications that makes work simpler and safer.

Accelerate Value with Solution Templates

Leverage Webalo solution templates to solve common issues.

Optimize the Enterprise with Analytics

Leverage new process data, visualization and AI capabilities of the Webalo Workforce Intelligence Center to develop new process improvement insights and direct frontline workers to high priority activities.

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