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Technology has been making a difference in healthcare for decades, but not like this — real-time access to the enterprise data and applications that can improve treatment outcomes. That's what Webalo makes possible.

From diagnosis and treatment to hospital operations of every kind, healthcare professionals are easily connected to the information and processes that can ensure the highest levels of patient care. And, with Webalo, they do it for a literal fraction of the usual cost.

See how University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB), a regional trust of the U.K.'s one million employee National Health Service, has changed its IT outlook from "what can we do?" to "how do we add value through Webalo?"

In the video case study with IT Director Stephen Chilton, and the PDF case study about UHB's accomplishments, you'll find inspiration for making everyone in your organization more effective and productive with the speed, simplicity, and savings of Webalo.


NHS CASE STUDYRead about how NHS used Webalo to deploy their applications.   Download here >>

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Real-time Operational Intelligence

Now you can connect your people – from any device – without the complexity, waiting or cost.

Webalo lets you deliver all the power of personalized, bi-directional, transactional and secure enterprise access in minutes.

"I needed to connect my workforce, without the cost or timescale of traditional approaches to enterprise application development. In this video you’ll see how I began a simple trial of Webalo —which led to us delivering polished real-time access across our entire organization."


BLACKBERRY CASE STUDYRead about how Blackberry and Webalo solve a major challenge for the NHS.   Download here >>

Major U.K. Hospital Trusts BlackBerry Enterprise Software and Webalo to Empower Staff for Better Patient Care

UHB needed a way for its staff members, from physicians to porters, to reach one another quickly and efficiently in order to increase productivity and decrease frustration compared to its legacy communications infrastructure.

To maximize staff productivity the hospital uses Webalo, which is a Good Dynamics partner. Webalo’s application development and management framework provides staff with custom enterprise apps and live dashboard reports. This not only gives employees the right tools to do their jobs well, it eliminates their need for unapproved, risky shadow IT solutions. And it also enables UHB’s IT team to develop functional requirements within hours, not days or weeks, to help the physicians, nurses, porters, and other employees who are always seeking new ways to serve patients better, with fewer hassles and improved efficiency. These custom apps enable easy access to patient data with underlying security provided by Good Dynamics application management.

UHB has developed a number of apps by using Webalo, including the Pharmacy On-Call System, which enables hospital pharmacists to more easily and accurately respond to medication requests; the Neurological On-Call Referral System, which allows physicians to get real-time assistance from neurological specialists; and the Accidents and Emergencies app, which tracks key performance indicators on timeliness of care and compliance to help hospital administrators take corrective action, if required, on the spot. Its newest is a Hospital Porter Deployment app, which allows clinical staff to request help, at the push of a button, from the hospital’s 129 porters who are responsible for completing 86,000 requests per year.

Webalo fits into Blackberry and Good infrastructure Webalo fits into Blackberry and Good infrastructure
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