Manufacturing Efficiency

Manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and other businesses managing a supply chain need to keep tabs on inventory to ensure the right products end up in the right place at the right time.

Webalo makes this possible... providing real-time views of inventory at any point in your supply chain so you can increase sales, reduce wastage and maximize income. And Webalo makes this simple... automating the connections to your existing systems so you can collect, organize and use real-time inventory data at a fraction of the usual cost.

Webalo partners with its customers to deliver productivity and efficiency improvements. See how Bell Nursery cut inventory wastage by 50% to increase their income by $7M a year.

“Webalo, which is used by hundreds of our employees, has become a critical part of managing inventory all the way through our supply chain", said Joe Perret, Vice President at Bell. “We've been able to cut inventory waste by 50 percent, while also ensuring Home Depot customers always have access to the plants they want, wherever they’re shopping."

Webalo for Supply Chain & Inventory Management:
  • Monitor inventory in real-time through the supply chain, from manufacturing to check-out
  • Track inventory location via mobile scan, RFID, GPS or other tracking systems
  • Know at any time what products are available in what region or which store
  • Manage supplier availability with improved demand forecasting
  • Grade and track products in real-time to ensure inventory quality
  • Move inventory from region-to-region, store-to-store based on real-time sales information
  • Secure inventory with always available location information
  • Organize employee, partner and customer resources with mobile To-Do lists and HR functions
  • Increase sales, reduce wastage and maximize income
"Webalo has really turned out to be extraordinary
for us in the way we do business."


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